Balance Bracelets: What’s the Deal?

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Living in the age of technology and invention we as a society are always on the look out for new and innovative trends. We are always wanting to be better and do better. So we are taking a look at a product that some believe does amazing things. The Power Balance bracelet by Power Balance, LLC. has been showing up on the wrists of athletes to celebrities such as, Shaquille O’Neill and Zac Efron. So what’s the deal?

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From the Power Bracelet website

A quick read on the Power Balance Performance Technology website says that with the “thin polyester film hologram” applied on a silicone wrist band, when worn, “mimics Eastern Philosophies” that “…react differently for each person”. It goes on to say that famous athletes have worn the bracelet and they claim that it has increased their athletic performance. The performance increase is thought to come from the hologram which somehow works with a natural energy field believed to exist in your body. Noted several times on their page Power Balance offers you to try it yourself and see what it does for you.

So in short, this bracelet does not actually claim to make you run faster, train longer, balance your chi or anything like that, but they say that some people believe that it helps them perform better.

With further research, there have been a number of articles on the internet debating the validity of this product. Without any scientific evidence to back up claims, many have concluded that if any performance increase exists, then it is most likely attributed to what is known as a placebo effect. In other words, if you believe that it helps you perform better then it just may help you perform better, subconsciously. So as long as you are aware, consciously, that with the starting price of $29.95 (+s&h) you may or may not be boosting your performance (no guarantees) then go for it. After all, isn’t that what we do anyway, “Visualize the finish line”, “See yourself following through”, “Believe that you can and you will” isn’t it always mind over matter?

The bigger picture is that you keep going. Keep up your physical training and healthy lifestyle you’ll get there anyway and if you need a good luck charm to keep you working at it, then there’s nothing wrong with that. More “Power” to you!

And at the very least you’ll look as cool as Justin Beiber or Gerard Butler and that’s allright with us! 😉

Gerard Butler and Power Balance Silicone Bracelet Photograph by

Gerard Butler casual and cool in his Power Balance Bracelet

Justin Bieber and Power Balance Silicone Bracelet Photograph by

Justin Beiber and his Power Bracelet

Zac Efron and Power Balance Silicone Bracelet Photograph by

Zac Efron sporting his Power Balance Bracelet

  1. #1 by Sara Al-sudairi on March 5, 2012 - 12:20 pm

    O.m.g i got that bracelet !!!!!!!!!!!BeCause Justin Bieber Got The Same One!!<3

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