Weight Creeping Up on You?

WeightCreep by epfitness.com

Last Week, the New England Journal of Medicine published findings on a long term weight gain study, people were monitored and they found that the participants gained an average of 3.35 pounds over a 4 year period and 16.8 pounds over 20 years. Lifestyle and diet changes were scrutinized.

The report found that, as far as eating habits the food mainly responsible for the weight gain was the potato. Specifically, potato chips were the culprit, but all other forms of potato like mashed, fries and baked were listed second.

Other foods that influenced weight gain include, sugary beverages, processed and unprocessed meats.

According to the report, the foods that contributed to long term weight loss was, yogurt, as well veggies (of course!), whole grains, fruits and nuts.

Lifestyle contributed to longterm weight gain as well, quite obviously, sedentary versus active, but also getting a good night sleep which is 6-8 hours, no more no less. Other factors were alcohol and smoking use.

So, remember it is important to create good eating, sleeping and exercising habits, because overtime it will pay off big and keep you small! So why not try adding an extra workout session in your schedule? You’ll thank yourself later!

The New England Journal of Medicine’s report can be found HERE.

Apparently this was big news as I found at least 5 articles in the last week from various news and information sites across the web that based their source on the Journal’s report. If you have the time and are interested here they are:

The Washington Post

Time Healthland

MedPage Today

Huffington Post

Harvard School of Public Health

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  1. #1 by alexznumber1 on July 10, 2011 - 3:10 pm

    Who is writing these posts?

    And by the way NEJM actually did a comparison between diets between the so called “healthy” diet which is the low fat diet, and the low-carb diet. In the end of the research the low-carb high fat diets won as in the people lost more weight


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