Pick that Perfect Playlist

workoutmusic by epfitness.com

For most people, music is the most important tool to a great workout. Music helps the time pass and contributes to an enjoyable experience and can even enhance your workout.

Here are some tips to picking that perfect playlist for peak performance.

First, Take Our Word For It

Here are some of our top picks for workout songs, tried and true for you.

Electric Feel – (MGMT)

Beat It – (Michael Jackson)

Bust A Move – (Young MC)

I Love Rock and Roll – (Joan Jett)

Hey Ya! – (Outkast)

Satisfaction – (Benny Benassi)

Stronger – (Kanye West)

Crash – (Gwen Stefani)

Fergalicious – (Fergie)

We Are the People – (Empire of the Sun)

American Boy – (Estelle ft. Kanye West)

Come Together – (The Beatles)

Love Lost – (The Temper Trap)

Some Websites Offer Their Own Suggestions

Shape has playlists for every type of work out as well as celebrity curated playlists.

If you are looking for something a little different from the pop tunes, try The Rocky Balboa Metal Montage Workout, The Classical Strongman’s Guide To Awesome Abs or the Jazzercise: Big-Band Buns Of Brass from Sweatin’ to NPR: Workout Mix

Looking for something electronic and super high energy? You might want to check this out, dubstepfitness.com.

Finally, Create Your Own Playlist

Jogtunes.com is a free service helps you pick your songs by choosing your bpm or actually your steps per minute, then your preferred genre and voila you have song suggestions that match the intensity of your workout.

Remember, jogging or bicycling outdoors while wearing headphones and blasting that music is very dangerous as it drowns out critical traffic noise that could be alerting you to impending doom, but the only thing dangerous about working out indoors with us is going to be that smokin’ hot bod-so rock on!

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  1. #1 by grlinterrupted88 on July 11, 2011 - 4:55 pm

    Great post on fitness and playlists. I know if it weren’t for music i don’t think i would have as much motivation to get out there and run 2 miles every morning but it’s definitely helped. My blog revolves around playlists and i have made a few that have to do with fitness. Mainly high energy indie songs like MGMT. Electric Feel IS a great song to work out to btw 🙂

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