Work That App!


In today’s tech savy world, we’ve uncovered three great
fitness apps to help you along your way to healthy lifestyle.


Meal Snap by Daily Burn

This app is a convenient way to count those calories. Simply take a picture of your meal and the app will do the rest. It will calculate and estimate the nutritional value of your food, then records it for you. You will be able to track your eating quickly and easily. Being more conscious of what you eat is half the battle.


PaceMaker by Simple Programmer

Set your target pace, start your music, then go! While you are running, this app will interrupt your music to let you know if you need to speed up or slow down to keep in line with your goal. Some say it is like having a pocket-size drill sergeant keeping you in check!


Fitness Pro by Data Supply

Some find that one of the biggest challenges of maintaining a workout plan is keeping it exciting. With an extensive library of workouts, you can plan your attack for the week and keep it fun and mix it up a little. Targeting specific areas, recording past workouts and referencing for correct techniques are some of the benefits of using this app and best of all its free.

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