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Because T-Rex Did It

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Jump Up Your Game

With March Madness underway, I’m wondering how many basketball fanatics at EP are on the lookout to up their games. Dedication to playing on the courts is good practice in general. But there are ways to supplement your game off court.

Specific types of exercises designed for the weight and aerobic rooms can hone explosive strength, meaning that with the right workout routine you can jump higher and have faster start up speed.

If you want all the technical jargon, keep reading. Otherwise you might want to skip to the bottom for sample exercises.

What Is Explosive Strength?

Something like squats and lunges can show results. But to increase your start up power, your exercise needs to push your max strength in a rapid way.

That’s where explosive strength comes in. Explosive strength is more than just strength. It’s kind of like speed and strength combined.

Yeah that big lug over there can lift a lot of weight over his head, but can he do it fast? If so, that’s a sign of explosive strength.

In the simplest terms, it’s how revved and ready your muscles are before you lift, jump, sprint, etc.


The kinds of exercises that improve explosive strength (and even agility) are called plyometrics. Plyos are a tried and true training method dating back to the mid 1900s. Not only do they work your muscles, but they’re also a workout for the brain. Your muscles can actually learn to improve based on repetition, something related to muscle memory.

Basically, plyometrics will exercise the wiring between your brain and your muscles so that you can blast off more quickly. That repetitive contraction of muscles under strain teaches the brain to rev before movement. And there are documented studies showing that dedication to plyos training can show significant results.

Here are a few plyos exercises that can improve your jump.

Sample Exercises to Improve Height & Air

Additional Notes:

Remember that warming up and stretching are important for this kind of active exercise. Good flexibility significantly lowers the risk of injury when doing plyos. Some of our locations may not have rises or obstacles provided. There are options for improvisation, but check gym policy before attempting. Additional weight can be added using medicine balls and various aerobics weights.

Tuck Jumps

Ankle Jumps

Various Obstacle Jumps

Jump Squats

Tips presented in this blog are for informational purposes only. Consult a specialist before making changes to your dietary and exercise routine whenever possible.

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Exercise the ZZZs Away

Don’t forget to move those clocks ahead an hour this weekend.

That’s right. Daylight Savings Time has caught up with us again. And though many of us are yawning at the prospect of losing an hour’s sleep, there are ways to prepare for the time change starting in the gym.

There’s a misconception that working out will make people tired, when in fact the right kind of exercise can improve your quality of sleep while boosting energy levels during waking hours.[1] That tired feeling you get after/during a workout should be temporary in comparison. The benefits are long lasting. Studies show that sedentary and less active people tend to experience more fatigue and tire more quickly during the day than their more active counterparts who are regularly hitting the gym.[2]  But results may also be affected by exactly how we regiment our gym routines.

Choosing the right time of day can help; sweet spots being in the afternoon or early evening, which will give the body plenty of time to slow down before bed. And the type of workout is also a significant factor.

Cardiovascular exercises, those that last for long periods of time and really get the heart pumping, are extremely effective at preparing the body for a good night’s sleep. Speaking of which, you won’t find our facilities lacking in cardio equipment at EP Fitness. And for those extreme cardio junkies out there, EP offers spin classes and a wealth of other aerobics options that can help. Our very popular and fun Zumba dance classes, for example.

So if you’re tired of feeling tired, these tips might be just what you need to prepare for Daylight Savings Time.


Tips presented in this blog are for informational purposes only. Consult a specialist before making changes to your dietary and exercise routine whenever possible.

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