Healthy Tips for Restaurant Outings

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It is difficult to eat healthy with all the awesomely delicious restaurants out there so here are some tips to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

1. Skip the complimentary bread

2 Drink water not alcohol , soda or other sugary drinks

3. Order sauces and salad dressings on the side and ad to food sparingly

4. When eating pizza, order a thin crust instead of deep-dish and hand tossed thick crusts

5. When eating pasta ask for a lunch portion and order red sauces without meat

6. For Mexican food, choose corn instead of flour for less calories and more fiber, also swap rice for veggies whenever possible

7. Steaks, order lean pieces 3 oz. think the size of a deck of cards or bar of soap for example

Practicing all these tips should help cut calories the next time you dine out. In addition to these tips, ask for a “to go” box when your meal arrives and portion half of your entreé into the box before you start eating. You’ll cut calories and save money when you eat the other half of your dinner the next day.

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Plan Your Workout

EP Fitness Workout Chart

It is much easier to focus on your workout if you come in with a plan. Sure there are apps of all kinds that can help you do this, but here is one technique that is tried and true. Good old fashion pen and paper, you can print this pdf and fill it out for those of us who feel more comfortable with a low-tech method.

Your workout can be planned for the week, you can list your goals and increase little by little each week to track your progress.

We have all the basics covered. In the chart you have warm up and strength sections including areas for arms, core and legs. Then you have a cardio section and a cool down to finish.


Pdf Here EP Fitness Workout Chart

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Beginner’s Tips for Working Out



Work your way into a routine. Going overboard after a long break from exercise may result in injury, or at least disappointment. Your workout shouldn’t do either, so build up from a moderate beginning. Read the rest of this entry »

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Running 101


One of the great things about the treadmill is, anyone can do it!

Of course we all know running is great for you. It can help you burn more calories in less time than other exercises. It also helps build bone density and fight osteoporosis, as well as release endorphins which elevates your mood and alleviates your stress.

Many people can become discouraged at the beginning because they start off running too fast or for too long and when they feel exhausted become discouraged to continue. The key is starting out slow, let your body ease into it and work your way up. For beginners it may feel intimidating by running along side seasoned pros but with a little patience and a lot of determination you can get there and perhaps beyond! Read the rest of this entry »

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Home Sprouts

Sprout Salad
Sprouts are good for you. They add to your raw food intake with lots of Vitamins, A, B and C with other benefits as well. What is great is that they only take 3-7 days to grow and require no soil or sun. They only need just a little bit of your time daily otherwise it is as easy as “just add water”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ladies, Add a Flair of Fashion to Your Workout

You’ve been working out so hard, treat yourself to some cool new threads! Add some flair to your work out apparel, show off that bod!

Gap lace tank
Who says you have to sacrifice your fun flirty style for masculine work out basics? This Tank has a feminine lace detail, from the Gap it is made for performance as well as style. It is made of sweat wicking material and has a built-in shelf bra for moderate support. Read the rest of this entry »

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Yogurt in Disguise

Commonly know as THE healthy desert to substitute for ice cream, it would seem weird to substitute yogurt in cooking especially for salty foods, but it can be pretty tasty and the health benefits are worth the try. Dips are traditional in many middle eastern cuisines, labneh, tzatziki, and mast-o-khiar are types of strained yogurt accented with different herbs.

Here are 5 substitutions that could work for you. Use low-fat or non-fat plain yogurt for great results. Use Greek yogurt for a higher protein content, less sodium and carbs to boost the nutrition level while cutting back on all the fat and calories that mayo, sour cream, heavy cream, or cream cheese have. Read the rest of this entry »

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